Talking About Window Treatments

Interior Lighting Tips For Businesses

The interior lighting of your business can play an integral role in creating the type of mood that will have the biggest impact on customers while still keeping the interior safe to navigate. Despite the fact that interior lighting may seem like a simple aspect of the design process, there are some basic factors that people may easily overlook. Be Efficient With The Interior Lighting Placement Where the individual light fixtures are placed can be an important consideration when you are installing new lighting systems. Read More 

Three Places In Your Home To Add A Stained-Glass Window Panel

Stained-glass windows often have a close association with places of worship, but many homeowners appreciate the beauty of this type of glass and look for ways to incorporate it into their homes. If you're keen on changing the look of your home in certain areas and you want to include stained glass as a part of this change, share your ideas with a local interior designer. He or she can likely give you some suggestions on how to proceed in a manner that will increase your probability of being happy with the end result. Read More 

Want To Meet Clients At Your Home? Hire An Interior Designer For The Best Results

If you have recently moved into a home and are now settled in, you may be ready to start meeting with clients in your home. When you are not sure about whether your house looks professional enough to satisfy your clients' expectations, you should consider working with an interior designer to furnish and decorate your home in a way that you know will impress clients. Home Office When you know that you will be meeting with clients in your home office, you may find it tricky to furnish and decorate the room in a way that is both functional for you and for all your clients. Read More 

Backyard Landscape Lighting Ideas

Whether you have a large and rambling or a small and intimate backyard, you can transform it into your own private respite. One easy way to infuse the space with warmth and ambiance is with the right lighting elements.  Depending on your budget, you can either choose and install the lighting yourself or save time by hiring a professional landscaping lighting design service to do the work for you. Collaborate with the landscapers by sharing your backyard design vision for the best results. Read More 

Just Bought A New House? 3 Tips On Choosing Window Treatments To Cover The Windows

If you just bought a new house there are many things you must do to get everything ready for you to move in. One of these things is putting window treatments on the windows. Below are three tips to help you decide what window treatments would work best for your home.  Consider the Room Think about the room where you will be hanging the window treatments before you start shopping. This will help you decide if you would like to purchase drapes, shades, or printed or solid curtains. Read More