Reasons To Use Tile In Your Sunroom

Adding a sunroom to your home increases your residence's square footage and gives you a bright, appealing room in which you can enjoy all sorts of activities. One thing to think about when you're planning the construction of the sunroom is what type of flooring you want. While there are a few different flooring products that can make sense in this space, tile is something that you should seriously consider. Regardless of the sunroom's size and how you plan to use it, tile can be a good choice for the following reasons.

Resistance To Water

Tile flooring's resistance to water can make it a good choice in a sunroom. Although you might not necessarily think of this space being wet, there are a few scenarios in which moisture can get onto the floor. A lot of people keep an assortment of plants in their sunrooms. When you water these plants daily, the pots can sometimes overflow and leave water on the floor. With tile, it's not an issue. Other flooring types, including wood and carpet, would be problematic. Additionally, if you equip your sunroom with a door that leads to your yard, you might occasionally have family members leaving wet shoes in the sunroom when they enter.

Cool Feel

A sunroom can get quite warm on sunny days. Many people enjoy spending time in the sunroom during the cold days of winter, as this space can often be one of the warmest in the home. At other times of the year, you'll appreciate the cool feel of tile flooring in this warm space. Even if the air inside the sunroom is warm and cozy, tile flooring can often continue to offer a cool feel. This contrast can be enjoyable, and you may find that you enjoy placing your bare feet on the floor to cool them down as you use the room.

Eclectic Look

A lot of people decorate their sunrooms to have an eclectic look. Tile is often your best flooring choice when you want to give a sunroom a unique and stylish appearance. While other flooring types have their advantages, they can sometimes have a bland look. There are many different tile products on the market that offer a high level of visual appeal. Consider tiles that have a lively damask pattern, for example, that matches some of the furniture that you'll use in the sunroom. 

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