5 Ways To Recapture The Unused Space Under Your Stairs

The stairs in your home are a practical necessity. But can they be more than just a way to get from one floor to another? In fact, the space below many homeowners' stairs is often underutilized. What might you do with yours to recapture this valuable space? Here are a few ideas to consider. 

1. Add Storage

Could you use more storage space in your house? Most Americans would love to have more storage. So why not carve out this unused area for storage that meets your particular needs? Depending on the stairs' location, you can add a kitchen pantry, bedding storage, all-purpose shelves, or cabinets for less-used dishware. 

2. Display Items

Don't want to open up the space below the stairs? Make it a focal point by displaying things of visual interest. This could be a great place for a collage or gallery wall of your photographs, artwork, or favorite dishes. Take it up a notch, though, by cutting into the wall to create small niches in which you can display three-dimensional art or collector's pieces. 

3. Create an Office

More people than ever need a home office. Whether it's for your work, household management, or the kids' homework, this is a good place to carve out a little space in a small home. Its unusual configuration lends itself to a basic desk and chair setup, but you can tailor it to your particular space and style. 

4. Make a Kids' Niche

Give the kids a place to call their own under the stairs. Children love secret hideouts and forts, and they can make this permanent hideaway all their own. Add a sliding barn door, standard interior door, or simple drapes to hide it from view when it's not in use. 

5. Organize the Entry

If your staircase is near the front door, it's the perfect place to set up storage and organization tools to keep the house clean and clutter-free. Install a bench or chair (depending on the space you have), cubbies for each family member's outdoor gear, and hanging hooks for clothes, hats, and scarves. Housing these under the stairs keeps them handy but away from traffic.

Where to Start

Want more ideas for using this extra space to make your home more comfortable, more practical, or more appealing? Start by meeting with an experienced interior designer in your area today. With these ideas and their expertise, you'll soon have the perfect solution for your staircase. 

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