Just Bought A Home? Hire An Interior Designer For The Master Bedroom

After buying a home, you may look forward to moving in and getting settled. However, you might not feel confident about your ability to furnish and decorate the house in an attractive, comfortable, and functional way. While you can use interior design services for every room, you may be most worried about your master bedroom, where you spend many hours.

This makes it worth hiring an interior designer to work on your master bedroom.

Window Treatments

A bedroom with ample window space makes it important to pay attention to the window treatments because they will impact the room greatly. For instance, you may want the ability to block out light, reduce sunlight, and open up the windows to let natural light in with ease.

A multi-layered window treatment setup is ideal for achieving this goal. Blocking out light requires thick blinds, curtains, or shades while letting some light in is easy with sheer curtains.

Fortunately, an interior designer will take note of your likes and dislikes and then assess the master bedroom to determine the proper window treatment setup for your needs.

Minor details can impact decision-making, such as whether you have pets and how many, because pet dander and hair may stick to certain window treatment materials.

Reading Nook

With a large enough bedroom, you may want to use the space for more than sleeping. A reading nook is a great addition because it gives you a place to sit down, read, and relax. The tricky part is figuring out how to furnish, decorate, and illuminate the reading nook. An interior designer may put the nook in an area where the windows provide ample natural lighting.

However, artificial lighting is also essential to light up the area at night and on overcast days. A floor lamp, table lamp, and wall sconce are all viable options. The ideal outcome is getting the light you need without putting a glare on the books and electronics that you use in the nook.

Bed Area

Creating a beautiful and functional bedding area can make a huge difference in your bedroom and home satisfaction. An interior designer may want to create an accent wall or invest in a custom-made headboard that meets your visual demands. A plush headboard is a great option when you like to relax in bed for a while before going to sleep or getting up in the morning.

A bench at the end of the bed can provide storage and a place to sit down to put pants, socks, slippers, and other clothes on.

When moving to a new home, hire an interior designer and tell them what your ideal master bedroom looks like so they can turn it into reality.

Contact an interior design professional to learn more.