How To Pick Drapes According To A Decor Theme

Decorating a room with a specific theme or style gives the space a personalized, cohesive look. You can use your favorite pastimes, hobbies, or interests, such as beaches or gardening, as decor inspiration. Coordinating decor pieces, including textiles, furniture, and window coverings, will allow you to bring the look together.

One easy way to convey your decorating theme is with window drapes. Since you most likely want to cover your windows with some sort of treatments anyway, pick ones that complement and add to the overall look of the room. When shopping for the perfect drapes, you'll have a wide range of fabrics, colors and designs to choose from, making it easy to put your personal stamp on a space.

Following are types of drapes to consider according to your home decor theme:

1. Shabby-Chic Style 

A shabby-chic or romantic French country decor theme will work for any room, but it works especially well in bedrooms. The soft, pretty style will give a room a relaxed-yet-refined touch, with plush textiles, breezy fabrics, vintage furniture finishes and dreamy floral patterns.

When choosing drapes to coordinate with this style, pick natural, airy fabrics such as white linen or cotton that will allow the sun to shine through and won't weigh the space down. Some pattern recommendations include pink cabbage roses or black or pastel-hued toile. In the kitchen or dining room, go with butter-yellow drapes featuring red and blue rooster designs for an authentic French country look. 

2. Island Theme

Even if you don't live on an island, you can infuse your home with a touch of the tropics with the right decor pieces. There are two ways you can go with an island theme, either bold and vibrant, or calm and relaxing.

If you choose a more colorful palette, pick banana yellow, turquoise blue, lime green, or coral drapes to set off neutral-colored walls. Create a cohesive look with matching throw pillows and blankets or an area rug. 

On the other hand, you can transform your home into a beach house respite with sea foam green or pastel blue drapes accented by white seashell or coral designs. 

3. Modern Look 

If you prefer a more modern, streamlined look in your home, pick drapes in cool, classic colors that won't ever go out of style. For instance, accent a room featuring sleek black furniture with white or gray drapes. To add an unexpected pop of color, choose bold red or yellow drape tie-backs. 

Modern drape design ideas include quatrefoil, striped, or lattice patterns, which will add interest to rooms featuring neutral-colored walls, such as white or beige. 

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