Six Things You Can Do To Improve The Looks Of Your Home’s Interior

Tired of looking at the same old spaces in your home? Try something that will make a significant difference in the way that your rooms appear and that enhances the overall appeal of your home.

Six things that you can do to make your home's spaces look better are:

1. Align your pictures. Are you certain that your pictures and wall-hangings are level? Make sure that your pictures are hung evenly and accurately, as this can create an eyesore in your space. Buy a leveling tool from a company like EXACTAC to make this task simple and precise.

2. Change your window treatments. You can alter the atmosphere of the entire home with the right window treatments, so experiment with making yours a bit different. Use longer drapes during chilly seasons, and allow the fabric to pool on the floor to make the room seem larger. For smaller spaces or dark interiors, use simple valances and brightly colored blinds to lighten up the space.

3. Clear some clutter. Another easy way to change the looks of your interiors and improve the visual aesthetics of your home is to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Clutter impacts the lighting, convenience, access, and overall looks of your home. Give a bag away or donate a box of stuff to an area thrift store or community mission.

4. Create drama with lighting. Check out some of the cool, new lighting fixtures available at home improvement stores. Explore unique task lamps, hanging fixtures, and ambient lighting to illuminate your home's spaces. Use cool-white bulbs for areas of the home that you want to energize, like the kitchen, or warm-white bulbs for spaces that you like to relax in, such as the bedroom.

5. Cover your furniture. There are some amazing covers that are designed to fit any piece of furniture, from a futon in your den to the chaise lounge in your bedroom. Freshen up older, upholstered pieces with covers made to fit like a glove. Choose something completely different, invitingly textured, or freshly-patterned for a fun change. 

6. Paint a contrasting wall. If you want to create a dramatic difference, paint one wall in the room a contrasting color. Bring out the accents in your furniture, flooring, or favorite collectibles by painting a single wall in a bold, solid color. Use care and be sure to tape the woodwork, trim, moldings, and ceilings to prevent a mess.

It doesn't have to be difficult to make a significant change in the way that your interiors look. Try these six suggestions to make a dramatic impact tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend that will only enhance the way that you feel about your home!