Tips For Getting Stains Out Of Your Solid Surface Counter Tops

If you have solid surface counter tops, you might have noticed that they are easy to clean, don't have gaping seams, and generally look great. You probably want to make sure that you keep your counter tops looking amazing by ensuring that you are regularly removing any and all stains. However, you might not know how to get rid of the stains without inadvertently damaging your counter top. Here are some tips for getting out the stains without causing damage.

1. Use Baking Soda on White Counters

If you have white counters, then your best bet for getting any type of stain out is to simply use baking soda. To use this method, spray the area of the table that is stained with white vinegar. Then, pour a tablespoon or more of baking soda onto the stain. Start rubbing the baking soda in with a paper towel. The baking soda will start to loosen the stain and absorb any of the stain that comes off of the table. Rinse off the baking soda with cool water when it is totally saturated with vinegar and stain. Repeat the process if the stain is still there. This process can be used on other counter top colors, but it might bleach the area where the stain used to be and take a few days to eventually rub off.

2. Use a Mildly Abrasive Sponge

Go to a drug store and pick up any sponge that has a rougher side that you would use to get dried food off of dirty plates. This is the level of abrasiveness that you should be using to get rid of a stain on your solid surface counter because it is abrasive enough to loosen the stain, but not so abrasive that the counter top will be scratched. When you are cleaning off a solid surface counter of any other color than white, first spray down the stained area with white vinegar in order to help loosen the stain. Then, start scrubbing with the slightly rougher side of the type of sponge mentioned above. Scrub until the stain is gone, adding more white vinegar as needed. This will help you get rid of the stain in no time.

If you have a stain that you cannot get rid of with either of the above two methods, you may need to get your counter sanded down. For this service, contact a company like Plastic Line Mfg Inc that specializes in solid surface counters.