3 Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Tiny Apartment

Living in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment can be frustrating, especially if you are sharing the space with a roommate or a significant other. You might find that you are on top of the other person that is living with you and have a hard time making sure that your stuff stays organized. Here are some tips for making the most out of your tiny apartment's space.

1. Use the Side of Your Refrigerator

Chances are good that at least one of the sides of your refrigerator is going to be open for you to use. This is excellent because it is basically a flat surface that you can utilize for a number of different things. You can find a small spice rack at a hardware store, take self-adhesive magnets and mount them to the spice rack's back. Then, put the rack onto the refrigerator and load it with spices. This allows you to store your spices and keep them organized without having to take up extra room.

You can also use the side of your refrigerator to store pots and pans, or your larger serving spoons. You can basically store anything on the side of the fridge as long as it has a hole in its handle. Take self-adhesive hooks or hooks that are mounted to magnets and put them on the side of the fridge. Loop ribbons through the ends of your pots and pans and hang them on the hooks by the ribbon. 

2. Put Shelves Around Door Frames

Most people do not put their furniture so that it is flush with their door frame. They usually leave a few inches. Go to a hardware store or look online for box shelving units that you can install all around your door frame. You will be using commonly unused space and turning it into an area that you can use for storage. Make sure that the shelving boxes are the same color as the door frame or as the wall to which they are mounted in order to make the look seamless.

3. Choose Furniture That Can Serve More Than One Purpose

Finally, try to make sure that the furniture that you purchase serves more than one purpose. For example, a desk that you use when you sit on a pillow on the floor can double as an ottoman, or a rolling cart can be used to store craft supplies, but it can also be used as a surface in the kitchen to cut up vegetables.

For more information, talk to an interior designer or a company like Botany Decorating.