How To Forge A Strong Relationship With An Architect

When an architect joins a project, they may be involved with it for years or even decades. It's important to forge a strong relationship when you seek architectural services. Here are four ways to get off on the right foot as you begin your building or renovation effort.

Define the Conditions of the Project Early

An architect will work best when they know the boundaries of a project. You must know the boundaries for everything from financing to the physical performance of the structure. This will help the architect determine the best materials and methods to use.

Suppose you need to have a building that can contain several pieces of parked heavy equipment at any given time. With this knowledge, the architectural services firm can look at ways to solve associated engineering problems.

Communicate Well

There will be a lot of back and forth. If the team working on the design needs an answer, make sure their emails are always highlighted at the top of your inbox. Similarly, try to have some time available for meetings. If the firm needs approvals for plans or changes, get those to them quickly.

Prepare to Hear About Revisions

As much as a client may have a particular vision for a project, real-world conditions will impose revisions. Prepare yourself to hear concerns. Take the time to do your homework about any revisions so you can raise relevant questions and get solid answers. If you're not understanding a proposed change, ask the architect to explain it.

Similarly, understand there will come a time when revisions are off the table. As a project comes to fruition, an architect will only humor critical revisions.

Search for a Matching Vision

Architecture as a field melds art and engineering. Every firm will have its stylistic quirks, and this is what should draw a client to a particular company. Likewise, every firm will have its strengths in terms of reconciling engineering and design concerns. If you start with a partner with a similar vision for a project, all parties involved will be more comfortable.

Also, keep looking until you've narrowed your list of architectural services providers. Look through portfolios and meet with architects. Check references and even visit some of the buildings they previously worked on. It's better to spend a couple of extra months in the search process than to spend years with a firm you don't really click with.

For more information on architectural services, contact a professional near you.